International Migration
Mexican official documents and sites
Official Site of Mexico's Ministry of Foreign Relations. General information on Mexico's foreign policy. It provides official reports on bilateral and multilateral relations as well as international cooperation programs. It includes official information on Mexican nationals abroad and the Mexican government's program for protecting its citizens abroad. It contains a directory of Mexican Embassies and Consulates world-wide. I also includes a directory of foreign Embassies and Consulates in Mexico.
Precisa. Website from the President's Office. It provides acces to most resources of the Mexican Government, including state governments. It inlcudes information on human rights. Search engine to locate almost any information available in the web from the Mexican Government. This site is in Spanish only.
Official site of Mexico's Ministry of the Interior. Link to the official site of Mexico's Ministry of the Interior. It has a link to PDF and Word versions of documets on Mexico's Immigration procedures, Available in Spanish only.
Official Site of Mexico's National Institute for Migration. This is the site the the Government of Mexico's Immigration Office. It contains information regarding Mexican immigration requirements, as well as statistics and general information on Mexican Immigration issues. Spanish only.
National Population Law. Mexico's Law regulation population matters, including migration. Regulations for this Law are now available with the help of an index that assists you in locating the the information your need, ranging from Mexico's immigration and population regulations and policies to the National Population Regitrar's system. These documetns are available only in Spanish.
Paisano Program. Spanish language website of the Mexican Government's Paisano Program addressed at servicing the Mexican origin population that lives abroad and that is visiting Mexico on vacation. It provides information on Immigration and Customs procedures as well as safety tips.Spanish only
Immigrant's Guide on New U.S.Immigration Law. The Government of Mexico has published this guide (available only in Spanish) in order to inform immigrants about the new law, as reformed by the "Illegal Immigrant and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996". The guide is in the form of a question-answer and provides information on some of the migrant's most common concerns. Spanish only
Pilot program for investing toward the development of migrants' communities of origin. The government of Mexico announced a pilot program to invest toward develpment in the commmunities of origin of migrants. The necessary budget has been approved by Congress. In a speech in Zacatecas on September 25, 2001 , President Vicente Fox announced the program's goals. This is a link to the Spanish text of the speech. Marked in red letters is the specific reference to the program. Only in Spanish.
Mexico and the Migration Phenomenon. On october 24, 2005 this document was made public in Mexico. It was produced by a group of legislators, government officials, academics, experts and members of non-governmental orgnaizations concerned with immigration issues. it si the result of months of debates aimed at building as national concensus on the subject. This document reflects an initial approximation to what may be interpreted as a national issue-position on migration issues covering most of the political idelogical spectrum, governmetal institutions, intelectuals and organized civil society.
Cooperation Agreement on Human Rights. On December 9, 2005, Mexico's Federal Ministry of the Interior (Secretaría de Gobernación) published in the Oficial Daily of the Federation (similar to a US equivalent fo the National Registry) an agreement between the Federal Government and all of the 31 states of the union as well as the Feder al District on cooperation for the protection of human rights in the country. The purpose of the agreement is to establish the bases for the consolidation of a national State Policy onHuman Rights. Additionally, bysigning all of the entities assume the commitment to promote and protect Human Rights as a value in political activity. This is a link to actual text of the agreemnt. Its available ony in Spanish.