Non governmental organizations international networks
Regional Network of Civic Organizations for Migration (RNCOM). concurrently with the Regional Conference on Migration, several North and Central American non-governmental organizations, as well as some from the Dominican Republic established a network linked to the Puebla Process. here you may know some of their statements as well as their Plan of Action. Also, look for news and activities from the network in the Spanish bulletin Entre Redes, available in Spanish only at the website of the organization Sin Fronteras.
International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC). The ICMC is the operational arm of the Catholic Church that coordinates Catholic assistance activities for refugees, migrants and other displaced persons worldwide. ICMC's headquarters are in Geneva, and its Secretary General is Dr. Andre Van Chau of the United States. Established by the Holy See in 1951, ICMC provides direct practical aid to immigrants, migrants, and refugees awaiting resettlement or trying to integrate successfully into a new society, or just temporarily displaced.
Interaction: Interaction is a group of non-profit organizations dedicated to issues affecting the poorest populations in the world. They have a Committee on Migration and Refugee Affairs and so does their page provide access to information on the subject.
The Mexico-US Advocates Network. A binational project dedicated to improving communication and mutual education between Mexican and U.S. civil society organizations concerned with the human and labor rights aspects of migration policy and developing vehicles for joint advocacy on those issues. We particularly advice visiting Report on the report from the BINATIONAL ROUNDTABLE: RETHINKING MEXICO-U.S. MIGRATION that took place on June 1- 3, 2000 in Tequesquitengo, Morelos, Mexico
Uncertainty, Chance, and Inequality. A report on the human rights of migrants in situations of arrest, detention, deportation, and deception in member countries of the Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration (RNCOM). This is a document presented by the RNCOM to the Regional Conference on Migration in March 2001. Aclick will allow you to download the document.
Latinamerican Network on Moving Populations and AIDS. Website from mexico's National Institute for Public Health, Its goals are: First, to facilitate communication among researchers working on AIDS and migration in Latin America; second, to improve access to information for reaserchers on AIDS and migration in Latin america; and Third, to to support the efforts of the Project AIDS and migration in Central America, mexico and the United States. although this is a governmental project supported by UNAIDS, it´s placed here because of the close connection with NGO work. SPANISH ONLY