Non governmental organizations. Mexico
Sin Fronteras. The mission of Sin Fronteras is to promote and defend the human rights of migrants and to provide them with social and legal assistance in order to better their quality of life. Objectives: 1) Promote policies that guarantee the dignity and human rights of migrants. 2)Advocate for the adoption of initiatives and programs that prevent the forced displacement of populations. 3) Collaborate with NGOs on local, national and regional levels in order to build networks of defense and support for refugees and migrants. 4)Provide legal and social assistance to refugees and migrants, with special attention given to women and minors. 5) Inform and educate societies and governments concerning issues of migration. Its website also hosts Foro migraciones, a plural national network created in 2001 and formed by more thasn 40 civil organizations, academics and advocates that work in the field of migration.
Uncertainty, Chance, and Inequality. A report on the human rights of migrants in situations of arrest, detention, deportation, and deception in member countries of the Regional Network of Civil Organizations for Migration (RNCOM). This is a document presented by the RNCOM to the Regional Conference on Migration in March 2001. Aclick will allow you to download the document.
Center for Border Studies and Promotion od Human Rights (Centro de Estudios Fronterizos y de Promoción de los Derechos Humanos, A.C.) This organization has been working over ten years on the study and defense of human rights at the US -Mexico Border. The website has an excellent documentary center where you can find valuable information on immigration. Spanish only