Private sources
Immigration Links: Very complete page on U.S. immigration. Available in several languages. Gateway to resources, legislative information.
Immigration-USA: A commercial site that promote software on U.S. Immigration. It also contains very good links on the the issue.
Siskind, Susser, Haas and Devine. U.S. Law firm that provides very complete information on immigration to the US. It includes legislation, bibliography, news, documents, statistics and very valuable links to the subject. Highly recommended. It includes a topic by topic link to the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 signed into law on September 30, 1996. A topical analysis is also available.
The National Immigration Forum. Web site with a very ample perspective on US immigration. It includes a discussion forum, information, news, etc. Highly recommended.
Chicano Memorial. Website reflecting the perspective of descendants of migrants.