International Migration
Sin Fronteras. The non-goverrnmental organization Sin Fronteras publishes several news bulletins on immigration issues in general, on US-Mexico migration and on regional migration in North and Central America. We particularly recommend the Quarterly "Entre Redes" on regional migration, which includes news and opinion articles, as well as the biweekly "Enlace Informativo Sin Fronteras." These bulletins are available in Spanish only
Migration News: Summarizes the most important immigration and integration developments of the preceding month. Topics are grouped by region: North America, Europe, Asia, and Other.
Parametría is an company dedicated to the strategic investigation of opinion and analysis of results, a fundamental tool in getting to know the image of institutions or individuals, the satisfaction of clients with products or services offered by an institution, and the demands of a specific population. The information generated by Parametria has been crucial within the scheme of effective communication campaigns as well as for the design of projects with public impact. Parametría has a large experience in the field. Its consultants have done investigation for more than ten years. Parametria has the necessary infrastructure to conduct local and national studies in Mexico, the United States and some other countries in Latin America. Produces cartas (boletines) sobre diversos temas incluyendo algunos vinculados a la migración.