International Orgnaizations
The International Organization for Migration An intergovernmental organization with 59 member states and 41 observer states. It is the most important international organization on the subject. The page describes its purposes and activities and provides information on migration trends in different regions around the world.
International Labour Organization. The ILO's web site has important information on migrant workers. Reference is made to them in their most important document on the human rights of workers: International Labour Standards and Human Rights. To access most of the ILO's information on migrant workers use the excellent search system provided within the web site.
UNITED NATIONS. The Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis, Population Division provides information the member countries' migratory policies, refugees, asylum, as well as statistical information by country on immigration, emigration, remittances, etc. Special information on world population trends. Also, recommended is the website of the High Commissioner on Refugees. We also recommend visiting the section of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, where there is specific information regarding Human Rights of Migrants. I also recommend visitng the website for the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Development Policy and Planning Office. It includes a World Economic and Social Survey 2004, the second par of which is dedicated to International Migration. It examines historical and recent surges in migration, policies towards migration, its economic and social effects, the question of refugees and the state of international cooperation regarding migration.
Latin American Network on Moving Populations and AIDS. Website from mexico's National Institute for Public Health, Its goals are: First, to facilitate communication among researchers working on AIDS and migration in Latin America; second, to improve access to information for reaserchers on AIDS and migration in Latin america; and Third, to to support the efforts of the Project AIDS and migration in Central America, Mexico and the United States. It is a project supported by UNAIDS. Spanish only
Migración Internacional (ECLAL/CELADE). CELADE (Spanish acronym for Latinamerican and Caribbean Demographic Centre), an institution of ECLAC (Economic Comission for latin America and the Caribbean) undertakes conferences and publishes studies dealing with international migration in the region. Information on the conferences and some of the studies are published in CELADE's website. It has sections on news, publications, seminars, and international fora. This is a link to it. It is highly recommended for those interested in migration issues in the region. Available only in Spanish