Press Release No. 177/01

Tlatelolco, Mexico City September 13, 2001


With the goal of reviewing the migratory issues on the bilateral agenda, the Mexico-Guatemala Binational Group on Migratory Affairs met for the ninth time in the Foreign Secretariat’s Mexico City headquarters on September 11th and 12th.

The Mexican delegation was made up of officials from the Interior Secretariat’s National Migration Institute and the Foreign Secretariat. The Guatemalan delegation included officials from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Labor and Defense, the General Direction for Migration and the Guatemalan embassy in Mexico.

During the inauguration, the commissioner of the National Migration Institute stressed the excellent relationship between both governments and the high degree of cooperation achieved in migratory affairs by the corresponding authorities. In addition, he set forth the general guidelines that frame the migratory policy of our country.

In closing the event, the Foreign Secretariat’s General Director for Latin America and the Caribbean stressed the progress that had been made in bilateral cooperation, the convergence of interests and of policies for protecting the migrants’ human rights. He also mentioned the main tasks that both delegations will have to face jointly in the future, within the context of the ties of friendship and cooperation that prevail between Mexico and Guatemala.

The delegations re-affirmed the importance that they give to these issues, and they reiterated their political will to make progress in finding shared solutions to common problems for the benefit of the citizens of both countries.

Translation: Brett Duel,
Coordination of the Foreign Secretariat’s Web Page
Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs